It was revealed that there was fraud in Covid-19 test centers in Germany

It was revealed that there was fraud in Covid-19 test centers in Germany

According to the news in the German press, some test centers showed the number of corona virus tests they reported to the relevant authorities more than they actually were.

In the news, it was stated that the test centers submitted the test numbers to the relevant authorities without providing any evidence and received money from there, and it was noted that such incidents were encountered in the cities of Cologne, M√ľnster and Essen, and in some test centers in the state of Bavaria.

Following the emergence of this incident, it was stated that the prosecutor’s office launched an investigation against some people on charges of fraud.


“The federal government sets the framework, the federal government sets the rules, the federal government pays the costs, but the federal government cannot inspect the test sites on-site,” said German Health Minister Jens Spahn, stating that test centers should be controlled by local health departments.

Spahn said he would discuss the matter with state health ministers today.

In the test centers that have become widespread in Germany in recent months, citizens apply for a free and 24-hour rapid test application to be able to eat out and enter certain areas with a negative test result.

The government pays test centers 18 euros per test, including material costs.

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