It turns out that Harold, hiding his pain, caught Covid-19

It turns out that Harold, hiding his pain, caught Covid-19

András Arató has become famous on the internet, but a celebrity whose name is unknown to anyone.

The internet world knows it as “Harold who hides his pain.” It turned out that the old man had the corona virus. Arato stated that he had Covid-19 heavily and showed symptoms of pneumonia.

Andras Arato said he was the vaccine, but he caught Covid-19 before he could develop antibodies. It was learned that the 76-year-old man also received oxygen therapy at the hospital. Stating that you were discharged from the hospital, Arato said that he had a long Covid-19.

Andras Arato, whose visual expression was published as “a man thanking healthcare professionals” in an advertisement of a French supermarket chain, but his facial expression “seems to hide his pain in him”, has been the subject of “ironic and funny” memes in different stories by millions of Internet users.

Breast; It is the name given to the phenomenon that is widely spread anonymously on the internet in the form of popular pictures, videos, words or sentences. Here is Andras Arato, the actor of Hungarian origin, who is the subject of memes, perhaps the most known face in the world these days.

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