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Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif: Biden follows Trump’s policies

Zarif made evaluations on the 25-year Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement signed with China at the social media platform Clubhouse, the 13th Presidential Elections on June 18 and the foreign policy of her country.


Reiterating that the United States should primarily return to its commitments and that they will not accept the proposal for both sides to take steps at the same time, Zarif continued as follows:

“Americans cannot erase the 4-year history. Biden follows Trump’s policies. There is nothing Trump did but Biden did not. He continues to apply the same pressures to Iran. We are not opposed to taking temporary steps, but the US must first fulfill its commitments.”

Pointing out that a road map was signed with China and that this does not require the parties to make a commitment, Zarif said, “China will be a great power of the world in the future, we should have good relations. This does not prevent developing relations with other countries. It is against the Constitution that Iran allows military bases. Whoever permits someone else to establish a military base must be punished in the harshest way. ” he spoke.

Expressing that Germany or any other Western country does not prevent the signing of a 25-year cooperation agreement if requested, Zarif said, “China thought that the conditions were appropriate for the comprehensive cooperation agreement after the nuclear agreement. Russia sold us the S-300 air defense system after the nuclear agreement. Nobody pressured me to sign a deal with China. I believe in this. ” said.


He also criticized the TV series “Gandu”, which was broadcast on Iranian state television and depicted as “spy” by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials.

“The Gandu series is a lie from beginning to end. People are right to worry about the distrustful broadcasts on Iranian state television. The agreement China has made with any country has not been broadcast so far. I am trying to change this tradition, but I cannot do it alone. This is the tradition of China, it is long with other countries.” does not publish term agreements. “

Zarif stated that the problems they had with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) within the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD) were that they had to cooperate with Russia and China. There is no point in heading to the East when he himself is oriented towards the West. ” he spoke.


He also said that he will not run for the presidential elections to be held on June 18 and that he wants to focus on academic studies.

The Iranian Foreign Minister concluded his words as follows:

“I am not a candidate in the elections. There is no change in my stance on this issue. I do not participate in the election campaign of anybody. I have neither affiliation with Larijani nor any other name in the election. Our domestic politics are mixed due to the elections and there are those who connect external steps to it.”

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