US - Iran talks: there may be a blockage again

Iran: USA must lift sanctions completely

Important statements came from the meetings in Vienna, where issues such as the US’s return to the nuclear deal and lifting the embargo on Iran were discussed.

Abbas Erakçi, the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister of Foreign Affairs and who chaired the Iranian delegation in the Vienna negotiations, made the statement.

He stated that it was agreed that the sanctions imposed by the USA on Iran in the fields of financial and banking should be lifted, and that most of the individuals and organizations on the sanctions list should be removed from the sanctions list.


Erakçi also said that it is still too early to reach a definitive conclusion in the negotiation. When asked about the statements from the US administration that some of the sanctions would be lifted, Erakçi stated that Iran stipulated that the sanctions should be lifted completely in the negotiations, “If Iran’s demands are fully met, the agreement will be made, but if our demands are not fulfilled, naturally there will be no agreement. used the expression.

On the other hand, no comments have been received from the US regarding Erakçi’s statements yet.

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