The "double mutant" Covid-19 variant was seen in 104 people in the UK

India variant concern in UK | NTV

According to the data published by the Public Health Agency of England, the number of cases with the India variant, which was 520 on May 5, reached 1313 on May 12, and 4 people died.

The Indian variant, which the British government defines as the “type of concern”, was most common in the cities of London, Bolton, Blackburn and Nottingham.

It is more common in young people

Bolton City Council Chairman David Greenhalgh said in a statement that the Indian variant is seen more in the city in those who do not have the Covid-19 vaccine and in young people aged 20-30.

Greenhalgh stated that he asked British Health Minister Matt Hancock to start a study on vaccination of young people in the city and that this would be effective in preventing the spread of the variant.

In the news in the British media, it was noted that the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) made a recommendation to intensify Covid-19 vaccines to prevent the spread of this variant, which is feared to increase the number of cases and put pressure on the NHS.


Covid-19 vaccine is planned for everyone over the age of 18 in the regions where the Indian variant, named “B.1.617.2”, is seen in the records. Covid-19 vaccine is still given to those over the age of 40 in the country.

Speaking to Sky News, Minister Responsible for Vaccines Nadhim Zahawi said that they can prioritize vaccination of young people in large families with more than one generation and shorten the time between 2 doses of vaccine in regions where the variant is seen.

Zahawi added that the most effective way to prevent new strains of Covid-19 is widespread testing practices.

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