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In the USA, it is stated that the rate of people who have completed the Covid-19 vaccine is 8 per 100 thousand.

In the statement made by the CDC, it was noted that the rate of infection, which they call “breakthrough cases”, seen in people who have completed Covid-19 vaccination and have passed at least 2 weeks across the country, is 8 per 100 thousand.

It was pointed out that 40 percent of these cases occurred in people over the age of 60 in terms of age category, and it was stated that 65 percent of women were infected with the virus more in terms of gender.

It was stated that the risk of getting Covid-19 may be high in the elderly due to the inability of their bodies to develop enough immune system against the virus despite the vaccine, and it was also pointed out that the protection brought by vaccination could not be provided in people exposed to high viral density of variants of the virus.

According to CDC records, 29 percent of those caught with Covid-19 after vaccination did not show symptoms, while 7 percent were hospitalized and the number of people who got the virus and died after being vaccinated has been reported to be 74 so far.

The authorities emphasized that no vaccine is 100 percent effective in preventing infection, underlining that such “breakthrough cases” are not surprising and that people who have completed their vaccination should continue to take measures against the virus.

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