Hospital fire in India: 13 Covid-19 patients died

Hospital fire in India: 13 Covid-19 patients died

India, the country with the highest number of cases in the Corona virus epidemic, continues to lose its patients for reasons other than the virus.

In the country where 22 corona virus patients died due to the leak in the oxygen tank the other day, a fire broke out in the hospital this time.

13 corona virus patients died in the fire that broke out in the intensive care unit where Covid-19 patients were treated at Vijay Vallabh Hospital, located in the town of Virar, 70 kilometers north of Mumbai.


In the fire caused by the explosion in the ventilation unit, 13 patients died due to breathing apparatus.

While the fire in the hospital where 90 patients were treated was extinguished, the surviving patients were transferred to the surrounding hospitals.

Covid-19 cases, which have reached record levels in recent weeks in India, brought the country’s already fragile health system to the point of collapse. While the capacity of hospitals has difficulty in lifting the number of patients, which increases every day, the lack of oxygen tube and some important drugs in Covid-19 treatment causes problems.

While 332 thousand 518 new Kovid-19 cases were detected in the last 24 hours in India, Maharashtra was the state with the highest number of cases with 67 thousand 13 cases.


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