Hospital fire in Baghdad: At least 35 casualties

Hospital fire in Baghdad: At least 35 casualties

According to information from local sources, a fire broke out as a result of the explosion of the oxygen tube in the Abu al-Hatip Hospital, where those caught in Covid-19 were staying.

Ali Beyati, member of the Iraqi High Commissioner for Human Rights (independent), stated that the fire in the said hospital cost the lives of many patients, “Although there is no clear data about the number of deaths due to the fire in Ibn al-Hatip Hospital, this is according to the first determinations. It is between 35 and 40. ” said.

The fire that broke out in the hospital, where many ambulances were dispatched, was extinguished. It was seen that dozens of civilians from the surrounding areas helped in extinguishing the fire. The lifeless bodies of those who lost their lives in the fire and the injured were taken to other hospitals in the capital.


While the Iraqi Ministry of Health and Environment has not made any statements on the issue yet, reactions were expressed on social media such as “Dismiss Health Minister Hasan Temimi”.

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