Health Minister Husband: Let's comply with Covid-19 measures, let's get our vaccine as soon as possible

Health Minister Husband: Let’s comply with Covid-19 measures, let’s get our vaccine as soon as possible

Minister Koca, at the opening ceremony of Erzurum City Hospital, Provincial Police Department service building, livestock market and other completed projects, said that Erzurum is the province that gives the most beautiful picture of unity and solidarity.

“Erzurum is the stronghold of our National Struggle, the most joyful and loud voice of our unity and solidarity. It is our love for these lands, our awareness of the homeland and our experience of fighting together that hold the braves of Erzurum together regardless of their views.” Koca said that in the last 19 years, they have put 103 health facilities with a total cost of more than 2 billion 350 million into the service of Erzurum residents, that the construction of 4 health facilities, including the Köprüköy district hospital, continues, and that they are working on projects to bring 5 health facilities to the city.


Minister Koca stated that today they witnessed the realization of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s dream for Erzurum, and said:

“Our Erzurum City Hospital will be inaugurated by our President, who is the owner of this vision and is the greatest veteran. There are realities beyond dreams, we have a President who has proven that it is possible to imagine the impossible and make our dreams come true. Today, we opened our city hospital with 1072 beds and the renovated hospital with 502 beds in Erzurum. “Today is a blessed day for Erzurum, when a healthcare capacity worthy of Erzurum will come to life. Also, 95 percent of the construction of our Köprüköy Hospital has been completed, and it is planned to be put into service within 2 months.”

Minister Koca emphasized that Erzurum has been supporting the treatment of neighboring provinces for years with its health facilities, and that the helping hand reaching its neighbors will be strengthened with the renewed and newly built capacity.

Using the expression “When Erzurum is mentioned, a mountain that cools the hearts comes,” Koca said, “Palandöken is like a nail hammered into the earth to keep humanity, brotherhood, unity and solidarity in place. Erzurum is the place where a nation resurrected and sacrificed its life to defend its homeland. I hope it lasts forever,” he said.

Drawing attention to the Kovid-19 measures, Koca said, “Today, our struggle is to comply with the measures and to be vaccinated as soon as possible. The valiant children of the National Struggle, Erzurumites, I invite you to the forefront in the fight against the epidemic. Let’s follow the measures, let’s get our vaccine as soon as possible.”


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