Hatred of tech barons grows |  NTV

Hatred of tech barons grows | NTV

Recently, the most powerful people in the world usually come from among those who have achieved great success in the world of technology and thus have made great fortunes.

Amazon founder Jeff BezosFounder of Tesla and SpaceX Elon MuskMicrosoft founder Bill Gates and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg shown among these people. Although these names are people whose every step the world follows and their words are given great importance, there has also been a serious reaction against them.

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, together with his brother, aerospace and space research company Blue Origin After announcing that he will go into space on July 20 with Bezos, the fact that those who do not want to return to Earth started a petition on the Internet saying ‘Don’t return to Earth’ is a remarkable example of this situation.

Nearly 150,000 signatures have been collected to prevent Bezos from coming back, and the campaign is about to reach its goal. Bezos’ company Amazon‘s finishing of small shops has been causing reactions for many years.


With every tweet of Elon Musk, cryptocurrency Another example of this ailment is the growing hatred against him, especially among small investors, as he causes serious fluctuations in the world. Claims that Musk is manipulating the market have been frequently voiced recently.

Bill Gates, on the other hand, has a serious dislike for vaccines during the Covid period, apart from the shocking allegations about his private life. Gates’ investments in agriculture also draw the attention of skeptics.

Mark Zuckerberg’s social media giant Facebook on the other hand, it has been at the center of criticism for years due to issues such as information sales and data privacy. The scandals that broke out after the election of Donald Trump, especially in the USA, caused a serious discomfort in the reliability of Facebook all over the world. Facebook has also been criticized for mediating the spread of fake news and conspiracy theories during the pandemic.


According to the news of Can Çırnaz from Milliyet, the fact that the names of the world’s so-called ‘technology barons’ added approximately 400 billion dollars to their wealth during the Covid-19 epidemic, fueling the hatred against these names at a time when millions of people are experiencing great economic difficulties.

While Musk quadruples his fortune, there is a rivalry between him and Bezos to become the ‘richest name in the world’. The fact that Bezos’ personal wealth is more than the national product of 75 percent of the world’s countries reveals an unbelievable truth.


Senator Bernie Sanders, one of the prominent representatives of the left bloc, where the hatred against billionaires is intense, told the Washington Post, “I think we can no longer tolerate names like Bezos, Zuckerberg and Musk, who have become disgustingly rich, even in a time of unprecedented economic hardship. ” said. The fact that the pandemic period has turned into an opportunity scene for the ultra-rich creates controversy, especially in the USA.

Former New York Times reporter Ananad Giridharadas, who wrote a book about tech barons called “Winner takes everything”, uses the following statements about Silicon Valley, which is expressed as the place where the world is now ruled:

Silicon Valley is the Roman Empire of our time. Wherever you live on Earth, Rome had a plan for your future. The same is true for Silicon Valley now. It is impossible not to be affected by the decisions taken directly or indirectly in Silicon Valley”.


A new protest was held in Paris against Bernard Arnault, the boss of the French LVMH Group, one of the richest people in the world. Apart from Arnault, the richest person in France, the protesters, who targeted other business people of the country that got rich during the pandemic, expressed their reactions with the slogan ‘Snow Gang’.

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