Gunfight in the USA: 2 dead, 8 injured

Gunfight in the USA: 2 dead, 8 injured

In a written statement from Virginia Beach police, it was announced that an armed clash took place in the coastal area around 23:20 local time.

At the first point where gun shots were heard, it was recorded that 1 person was dead and 8 people were injured.

During the crime scene investigation, it was stated that the second death occurred as a result of the police responding to the fire of a person near the first point.

It was stated that the injured were taken to hospital and some of them were in danger of life.

While starting an investigation into the incident, it was shared that people suspected of being linked to an armed attack were detained.

Virginia Beach Police Chief Paul Neudigate told reporters, “There are two different crime scenes. We are experiencing a very chaotic event, we have a very chaotic night. We have taken the situation under control, we will make the responsible people accountable,” he said.


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