Gun carrying licenses are temporarily frozen in Lebanon

Gun carrying licenses are temporarily frozen in Lebanon

The Lebanese Ministry of Defense reported that individual gun carrying licenses were frozen until further notice.

In a written statement made by the Ministry of Defense, it was stated that, effective from Monday, March 8, individual gun carrying licenses were frozen on Lebanese soil.

It was emphasized that the decision, which will be valid until a second announcement, does not include diplomatic representatives as well as political and religious sect leaders.

It was noteworthy that the decision, whose reason was not disclosed, came after the recent protests due to the depreciation of the local currency against the dollar as a result of the current economic crisis in the country.


The Lebanese economy, which has a very fragile structure in terms of political divisions based on different religions and sects, is experiencing the biggest crisis since the civil war in 1975-1990.

Banks, which resort to harsh practices against capital outflow, have suspended international transfers and imposed restrictions on customers’ withdrawal of foreign currency in their accounts since October 17, 2019.

The local currency, the Lebanese lira, is traded in different currencies with the depreciation in banks and on the black market, although the Central Bank keeps the rate stable. The official rate determined by the Central Bank is 1500, the current rate in banks is 3900, and as of today, it has exceeded 10 thousand lira on the black market.

The big bang that took place in the Port of Beirut in August 2020 caused a new government crisis while growing economic troubles in Lebanon, which has long been struggling with high public debt and unemployment.

Prime Minister Hassan Diyab’s government resigned on August 10, 2020, following the reactions after the explosion, but a new government could not be established in the country for months due to disagreements between political groups.

The people, who see the political forces and the rulers as the cause of the economic crisis in the country, demand the establishment of a minimized government consisting of technocrats, without sectarian political parties that have shared power for many years.

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