The bomb made by a high school student at home and brought to the classroom in the USA exploded: 5 injured

Gun attack in Florida: 2 dead, 20 injured

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In the city of Hialeah, Florida, USA, where the news of mass armed attacks due to individual armament has come a lot, 2 people died in an armed attack outside a billiard club, at least 20 injured.

Security officials stated that between 00.00-01.00 local time, a white vehicle came to the front of the club, and three people inside the vehicle opened fire on the crowd waiting for the concert.


According to the news reported by Reuters, Alfredo Ramirez, the police chief of Miami Dade district in Florida, announced the armed attack by tweeting.

“I am at the scene of another cowardly gun violence. More than 20 people were injured and unfortunately 2 people lost their lives,” Ramirez said.

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