Greens nominate prime minister candidate in Germany

Greens nominate prime minister candidate in Germany

Green Party in Germany‘s candidate for prime minister has been determined.

Party’s Co-Chair for the prime minister’s post on September 26 Annalena Baerbock will compete.

Greens’ Co-Chair Robert Habeck announced the candidates for prime minister with Baerbock at a press conference in Berlin. Stating that “they have a clear idea for the German prime ministry”, party co-chairman emphasized that their priorities are “change” rather than promises.

“Climate protection is the task of our time, my generation,” said Baerbock. Paris Climate AgreementHe argued that in order to fulfill its obligations, it should follow a policy that will make climate protection a criterion in every field.

Baerbock, who has been the co-chairman of the party with Habeck since 2018, studied law. The 40-year-old politician has strong connections within the party. Baerbock stands out as the Greens’ climate expert.

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On the other hand, the ruling Christian Union (CDU / CSU) parties has not yet determined its candidate for prime minister.

Who will hand over his seat in September Chancellor Angela Merkelinstead of Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Elected to the leadership of his party Armin Laschet with Christian Social Alliance (CSU) leader, Bavarian State Prime Minister Markus Söder, announced that they were seeking a candidacy for prime minister.

CDU leader Laschet announced that the party leadership, acting to reach a consensus on the joint candidate, will hold a special session on Monday evening to discuss the current situation. Stating that his rival Söder was also invited to the digital session to be held, Laschet said, “We should be in as much dialogue as possible. That’s why I invited Markus Söder to the session.”

The CDU leader said at the session he would also make a proposal on how to quickly resolve the existing uncertainty between sister parties.

The sister parties CDU and CSU together determine their candidates for the prime minister and enter the elections with a common candidate.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that she would bid farewell to politics with the elections to be held on September 26, and would not run for prime ministry again.

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