Greek Islands that you can visit daily from Turkey

Greek Islands that you can visit daily from Turkey

Finally, summer has come. After a hard winter, each of us has already started making our holiday plans. It is known that we could not vacation abroad last summer due to pandemic conditions. Personally, I miss the shabby and unique holidays I had in the Greek Islands the most. This week I wanted to remind you of some Greek Islands that can be easily reached from Turkey. At this very moment, isn’t there some great news to be heard?

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that they have reached a mutual agreement with Greece on vaccination certificates. This means that every Turkish citizen who has been vaccinated (whatever the brand of the vaccine) will be able to travel to Greece for tourism purposes. This news, which provided an important relief both financially and psychologically in terms of tourism, also pleased us Greek Islands lovers. I hope we can go to the Greek Islands to realize the holidays we want as soon as possible.

Let’s come to those 5 beautiful Greek Islands, which are close to the Turkish borders and always waiting for us for a warm holiday atmosphere!

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