Greek Foreign Minister Dendias: Erdogan is an important leader in the region

Greek Foreign Minister Dendias: Erdogan is an important leader in the region

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias made evaluations about Turkish-Greek relations and expressed his thoughts on President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the “Meeting point” program published on the internet of the Greek Newsbomb news site.

Dendias said that he met with President Erdoğan many times and most recently he was hosted at the Presidential Complex in Ankara, “President Erdoğan is a hospitable person on a personal level. I can say that he is a sincere person in personal relationships. On the other hand, Greece radically and firmly disagrees with its policy in the region. We must say this clearly. This is sincere thought. Everyone has their own opinion,” he said.


Expressing that President Erdogan is an important factor in the region, Dendias said:

“Whether we accept it or not, he is a leader who has governed Turkey almost as much as Kemal Atatürk and determined Turkey’s image. I think he is a person who has accomplished a lot in his life. If you think about where he started and how he built and strengthened his country’s image, that’s something to consider when talking to him.”

Asked whether Erdogan is unpredictable (unpredictable), Dendias said, “I don’t think President Erdogan is unpredictable. I guess it works for him to appear as unpredictable under his policy. I think he has a strategy,” he replied.

On questions about the differences between Turkey and Greece in the Aegean, Dendias repeated the Greek thesis that the only difference between Turkey and Greece was the determination of the continental shelf.

Defending that according to the International Law of the Sea, Greece has the right to extend its territorial waters to 12 miles in the Aegean, Dendias said that Greece will decide on its own when and how it will implement this right.

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