Google cartel investigation opened in Germany

Google cartel investigation opened in Germany

“We will see if Google offers enough choices about how to use the data it collects from users,” the Federal Cartel Agency (The Bundeskartellamt) said in a statement. evaluation was included.

In the statement of the Cartel Office, it was stated that the company is extremely important in terms of competition between the markets due to the large number of digital services offered by Google such as search engine, YouTube, map, Android operating system or Chrome browser.

On the other hand, the Federal Cartel Office launched an investigation into whether Amazon was abusing the market-dominated situation in online shopping on May 18.

Meanwhile, with the enactment of changes to the antitrust law on digital companies in Germany in January 2021, the Federal Cartel Office was given more power to determine the market dominance of companies and prohibit certain anti-competitive practices.

A court in Russia fined the US-based technology company Google of 4 million rubles for administrative violation.

The case filed by the Russian Federal Information Technologies and Mass Communication Supervisory Authority (Roskomnadzor) against Google was heard at the Taganskiy Court in the capital Moscow.

The court ruled that the company did not comply with the legislation due to the fact that content banned in Russia can be accessed through Google, and fined Google 4 million rubles.

In a statement made yesterday by Roskomnadzor, it was stated that Google could be sanctioned for not blocking illegal content.

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