Global energy transformation investments exceed 500 billion dollars

Global energy transformation investments exceed 500 billion dollars

In 2020, a global investment of 501 billion dollars was made for energy transformation.

Fostering Effective Energy Transition 2021 report, prepared by the World Economic Forum, has been published.

According to the report, while 81 percent of the world’s electricity needs were supplied by fossil sources in 2018, global greenhouse gas emissions increased in 2019.

While 1 billion 200 million people on a global scale did not have access to electrical energy in the past, 770 million people cannot benefit from electricity recently.

In addition, carbon emissions from industry and fossil fuel use reached 34 gigatons, an increase of 1 gigaton compared to 2010.

Energy transformation investments, which were 300 billion dollars annually in 2011, exceeded 501 billion dollars on a global scale last year, according to the report published by the United Nations, which stated that energy transformation should gain momentum in order to achieve the goals of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.

According to the report, although investment in renewable energy technologies was the largest in the total amount, investment in other technologies required for energy conversion was low.

These technologies include titles such as electrical heating, orientation towards clean resources in transportation, and carbon capture technologies.


Eight of the 10 countries with the largest economy in the world are expected to reach the “net zero emission” target in the half of this century.

Energy Conversion Index data of countries contributing to energy transformation were also shared in the report.

While listing the efforts of countries to establish reliable, sustainable and inclusive energy systems, the index provides information on the energy performance of countries and their readiness for energy transformation with the help of the index.


Denmark, France, Finland and the United Kingdom ranked high on the Energy Conversion Index. The success of these countries in energy transformation was influenced by their achievements such as improving their energy system performance and achieving sustainable development goals, as well as cost-effective energy pricing and energy from renewable sources.

While the index points of China and India, which are among the countries with increasing energy demand, decreased, Sub-Saharan African countries took the last place in the index table.

According to the 2012 report stated that Turkey is located in the index since the index score which ranks the 63 countries was recorded as 58.

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