Germany decided on controlled opening

Germany decided on controlled opening

At the 10-hour corona summit, which he held today with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the prime ministers of 16 states, it was decided that the restrictions would be implemented gradually and in a controlled manner or the restrictions would be hardened.

Making a statement after the summit, Prime Minister Angela Merkel stated that the spring of 2021 will be more beautiful than the spring of 2020, ‘Now we have vaccine and testing opportunities, as well as experienced health staff. Compared to European countries, we are in a better position as Germany. Germany survived the second wave epidemic by fighting together. Together, we will achieve the third wave by implementing the decisions we made with the state prime ministers. If the number of epidemics increases, restrictions will be applied again, ‘he said.
In the context of new decisions

– 5 people from two families will be able to come together. 10 people will be able to come together in regions where the transmission coefficient is reduced to 35.

Family physicians will be able to vaccinate from the beginning of April.

– Rapid tests will be given free of charge from 7 March

– At the end of March, doctors will be offered the opportunity to vaccinate.

– Home working system will continue until the first week of April

– Allowing businesses such as bookstores, shops selling gardening equipment, and chauffeur’s schools by paying attention to hygiene rules.

In a city with a population of 100 thousand, if the number of new cases is 100 per week, museums, zoos and cemeteries can be visited by appointment. If this number falls below 50, it will be allowed to do sports together in sports facilities. Stores will be reopened.
If the specified numbers remain constant, the gardens of the restaurants can be opened.

Due to the high rate of Corona virus cases in Germany, it was decided to close all shops except businesses such as markets, pharmacies, banks, fuel stations, which provided basic needs, on December 16, 2020.

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