German Health Minister: BioNTech vaccinated Turks can come as tourists

German Health Minister: BioNTech vaccinated Turks can come as tourists

In a statement to Hürriyet, German Health Minister Jens Spahn advised that the rules of vaccination, distance, hygiene and mask should be followed in the fight against corona virus. Minister Spahn gave the following answer to the question, “Will people vaccinated with Chinese vaccine or infected with corona virus in Turkey be able to come to Germany as tourists”

“Turkey is currently cited as a high incident region as a large number of infection cases continue to occur; In other words, the seven-day average number of cases seen in every 100 thousand people is on the list of high risk areas. This means that direct quarantine must be entered in terms of entries from Turkey to Germany, and this quarantine can be terminated at the earliest if the test result is negative on the fifth day.


Those who have been vaccinated with a vaccine approved for use in the EU do not have to undergo testing and also quarantine. So this applies to those who are vaccinated with BioNTech. To date, the Sinovac vaccine has not yet been approved for use in the EU. For those who can document that they were infected 6 months ago with a PCR test, there is no obligation to test and quarantine in the same way. “

Regarding his vacation plans, the minister said:

“Like last year, I will be on vacation in Germany again. It is difficult to say when we will be able to take the ‘familiar’ holiday again. Vaccination paves the way out of the pandemic. This makes me hopeful. But we still need to continue to be careful all together. “

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