Fuel shortage grows in Lebanon, hit by the economic crisis

Fuel shortage grows in Lebanon, hit by the economic crisis

In his statement to the local press, Fadi Ebu Şakra, Representative of Fuel Distribution Companies in the country, stated that there was a serious decrease in stocks and that urgent action should be taken to prevent the pumps from shutting down completely at gas stations.

Noting that all gas stations in the country are using their current stocks, Abu Shakra warned, “We are very close to running out of fuel completely.”

Emphasizing that this is an issue that cannot be delayed, Abu Shakra stated that they continue to communicate with the relevant authorities.


In Lebanon, where the biggest economic crisis of the last 30 years has been experienced, the state subsidizes around 12 million liters of fuel consumed daily through the Central Bank by 85%.

Lebanese Energy Minister Rimun Gacar stated in April that gasoline was illegally taken from Lebanon to Syria due to the price difference.

Economists also point out that fuel smuggling on the Lebanon-Syria border will not stop as long as the Lebanese Central Bank subsidies continue.

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