frightening warning for the Mediterranean |  NTV

frightening warning for the Mediterranean | NTV

“The Mediterranean is turning into the fastest warming sea with irreversible changes for the sea and human life” This title belongs to the report published by the World Wildlife Fund for World Ocean Day on June 8th.

According to the foundation’s report, the Mediterranean, which is warming 20% ​​faster than other seas and oceans, is becoming the fastest warming and saltiest sea on our planet. This situation caused about 1000 alien species to migrate to the warming waters of the Mediterranean and to replace endemic species.

Venomous species such as lionfish, normally found in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, have increased in Turkey and surrounding waters.

High temperatures and increased frequency of storms have caused seagrass and coral beds to shrink to the point of extinction in some areas. It was stated that sectors such as fishing and tourism could suffer from this situation.

In the report, the pressures created by climate change, overfishing, pollution, maritime trade and coastal development came to the fore as factors that put the Mediterranean at risk.

The Foundation calls on all leaders around the world to strengthen biodiversity through agreed-upon climate action and financial mechanisms.

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