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France will return confiscated “unlawful gains” to countries where it belongs

The French Parliament passed the French development aid reform, which created a mechanism for the restitution of the unjust gains of the foreign leaders it had seized.

Illegal property consists of assets such as luxury real estate, cars, watches and bank accounts, and public goods that have been embezzled for personal purposes by foreign leaders or their relatives.

If the Supreme Court upholds the conviction of the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodorin Obiang, and the confiscation of his property in France on July 28, the mechanism will be implemented concretely for the first time.

Within the scope of the application, “cooperation and development actions” will be financed on a “case basis” in the fields of health, education and gender equality in the relevant countries through a certain budget item to be created by the sale of goods, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The mechanism in question will also fulfill President Emmanuel Macron’s commitment to increase official development assistance to 0.55 percent of gross national income at the end of his five-year mandate, which will end in 2022.

Many non-governmental organizations in the country were demanding that the income from the seizure of “unjust gains” by the French courts be returned to the relevant populations.

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