France fines IKEA for "spying on employees"

France fines IKEA for “spying on employees”

Versailles Prosecutor Pamela Tabardel said in a statement that the purpose of this case was to protect private lives against the threat of mass surveillance.

According to the news in the French press, it was noted that IKEA France was asked to pay a 2 million euro fine for spying against hundreds of employees, including trade unionists.

In the news, it was stated that these espionage activities carried out in the period of 2009-2012 affected the lives of nearly 400 people.

In the press, it was shared that the company’s former Chief Executive (CEO) Jean-Louis Baillot was charged with “ordering employees to establish an illegal system to spy on job applicants”, and a 3-year prison sentence, with a suspension of 2 years, was requested.

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