"France enabled a predictable genocide in Rwanda"

“France enabled a predictable genocide in Rwanda”

In the report prepared by the US-based “Levy Firestone Muse” law firm with the initiative of the Rwanda government, it was emphasized that France had serious responsibility for the Rwandan genocide and that the French government allowed a predictable genocide.

The 600-page report, titled “Predictable genocide: the role of the French government in relation to the genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda”, which started in 2017, was announced today and presented to the Kigali administration.

In the report, which defined France as the “collaborator” of the Hutu regime, which killed 800 thousand people, the view that the Paris administration was unaware of the Hutu regime’s agenda was rejected.

“The French government was neither unaware nor unconscious of the predictable genocide,” the report said. statement was included.


In the report, which noted that France knew that there would be genocide but did not hesitate to support its Rwandan allies, the expression “We have concluded that the French government has a serious responsibility to allow for a predictable genocide” was used.

Based on millions of documents and statements from more than 250 witnesses, the report stated that there was no evidence that French officials directly participated in the murder of Tutsi.

The report underlined that France provided military and political support to the Hutu regime in order to protect its interests in Africa.


In the report, which underlined that France was an indispensable collaborator in the establishment of institutions that would be the tools of the genocide, it was stated that no other foreign government was aware of the danger posed by the Rwandan radical Hutus and did not allow them.

“The role of the government of France was exceptional, but it still does not accept or atone for this responsibility,” the report said. was evaluated.

In Rwanda, in 1994, the Hutus launched a genocide against the Tutsi, whom they held responsible for the crash of the plane of the then President Juvenal Habyarimana. More than 800 thousand Tutsi died in the 100-day massacre in the country.

The report also stated that the Rwandan Genocide report, which was prepared by the French government for the commission headed by the historian Vincent Duclert, was insufficient to explain what France was responsible for, and the conclusion in the report that “Paris was not aware of the emergence of the genocide” was wrong.


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