The so-called 'genocide' response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Dutch House of Representatives

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Aksoy: It is observed that Greece has become a safe haven for FETÖ members.

Aksoy gave a written answer to the question about making propaganda for the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) in Greece.

Noting that FETÖ propaganda was made publicly in an online event held in Greece and on a television channel program, Aksoy said, “This terrorist propaganda, in which the video message of the FETÖ ringleader was broadcast, is a grave development that cannot be explained by freedom of press and expression.” used the expressions.

Aksoy Feton Turkey in 251 deaths and 2 from subversive responsible for more than a thousand people were injured, stressing that an international terrorist organization, “even for countries where Feton activities is a major source of threat. Turkey expects cooperation from all countries in the fight against this criminal organization. ” gave his statement.

Spokesperson Aksoy noted the following:

“And yet, it is observed that Greece has become a safe haven for FETÖ members. FETÖ members can roam freely in this country, and so-called NGOs affiliated with FETÖ can carry out aid activities for fugitive FETO members in Greece. / PYD / YPG, DHKP-C terrorist organizations also continue their activities.

We want Greece to meet our demands for the return of FETO members and the freezing of their assets; We invite FETÖ to prevent its propaganda, financing and recruitment activities and to end the activities of terrorist organizations in its country. ”

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