Floods in China: At least 12 people died

Floods in China: At least 12 people died

According to the news in China’s state news agency Xinhua, loss of life occurred in the flood that occurred after yesterday’s rains in the city of Zhengzhou in Henan.

Search and rescue teams reached the dead bodies of 12 people in flood-affected areas, and over 100 thousand people were placed in safe areas.

In the videos shared on social media about the floods, it was seen that the streets of Zhengzhou turned into a lake and the vehicles were drowned in the water.

In a written statement from the Zhengzhou local government, it was stated that “the flood control situation is very difficult” and the level of the disaster was described as “extraordinarily high”.

The torrential rain that has been effective in Henan province at regular intervals since July 17 caused flooding yesterday.

The subway network in the province’s capital, Zhengzhou, was flooded, leaving many passengers stranded.

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