Flooding in Austria: Town flooded

Flooding in Austria: Town flooded

While a town was flooded in the flood disaster caused by heavy rains in Austria, many residential areas were affected by the flood.

Heavy rains, which were effective after the extreme temperatures experienced during the week in the country, caused a flood disaster in the state of Salzburg, located on the German border.

Flooding occurred in residential areas such as Hallein, Mittersill, Thalgau, Eugendorf and Grogmain.

The town of Hallein, which was hit hardest by the rains, was flooded.

Vehicles caught in flood waters in the town drifted for meters, flooding homes and businesses. A person who was caught in the flood waters in the flood that took place in the streets was rescued with difficulty by the people around.

An alarm was issued by the Austrian Civil Defense Center, calling for the public to stay at home, not enter garages and cellars, and stay away from rivers.


While no loss of life or injury was reported in the flood disaster that occurred on Saturday evening, it was stated that damage occurred to homes and workplaces.

Damage assessment studies continue in areas damaged by the flood disaster.

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