First positive Covid-19 case in Olympic athletes going to Tokyo

First positive Covid-19 case in Olympic athletes going to Tokyo

Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee announced that the first positive new type of corona virus (Covid-19) case was detected in athletes staying in the Olympic district.

According to the news of the Kyodo agency, the first positive Covid-19 case was recorded in two athletes from abroad who came to the Olympic district in the capital’s Harumi district.

Announcing that the PCR tests performed while the athletes were in the 14-day quarantine period were positive, the committee did not provide information about the health status and nationality of the athletes.

The committee also announced that the virus was detected in an athlete who arrived in Japan but was not admitted to the Olympic campus, as well as 5 people in charge of the tournament, a press member and a contract employee.


Thus, the number of Covid-19 cases announced by the committee and recorded in the tournament increased to 55.

In March 2020, it was announced that spectators would not be accepted from outside Japan, and in the previous week, spectators from within the country would not be accepted. Only athletes, federation officials and members of the press are admitted to the tournament.

In the Olympic district, which was put into service on July 13 and has 21 buildings, 3 thousand 600 rooms and 18 thousand beds, the athletes who will compete in the tournament and foreign officials will be accommodated.

The Olympic Games, which were postponed to 2021 due to the epidemic, will be held from 23 July to 8 August 2021.

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