Statement by the President of the European Council Michel on the seat debate at the EU visit

First meeting after protocol incident

The European Union (EU) Council President Charles Michel with EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, 6 after experiencing the protocol event in the visit to Turkey in April, in your talks for the first time between then Commission and the Council to prevent the occurrence of similar problems “business relationship” a plan to develop will put it on the table.

Michel and von der Leyen are coming together for the first time this evening after their regular weekly consultations to Ankara on April 6.

It is stated that the two leaders will discuss a plan to improve the “working relationship” between the Council and the Commission. It is stated that the 5-point plan prepared by Von der Leyen’s chief executive aims to eliminate the “power struggle within the EU” during the visits outside the EU.


The chief executive of von der Leyen sent the plan to Michel’s chief of staff last week, according to the Politico website. EU Commission officials stated that they expect this plan to be definitely addressed at the meeting.

It was stated that the plan aims at how to work better together and that third countries will not be the scene of power games in Brussels again.

EU Commission officials stated that the outline of the plan is a commitment by both institutions and their leaders to protect each other’s interests in the future against third country protocols.


In the news and comments from the European press after the incident, it is stated that there is a conflict between the leaders of the two institutions. German magazine Der Spiegel, the protocol is not Turkey’s fault about the event, wrote that this fiasco is responsible for the disputes between Michel and von der Leyen.

The French newspaper Le Monde also stated that the error seen in the protocol was in Charles Michel’s protocol service.

The Belgian newspaper De Tijd compared Michel and von der Leyen to “relatively inexperienced and ambitious scorers who do not pass each other” and stated that “childish conflicts” had been experienced between the two before.


The information that reached AA, the two EU president to visit Turkey in the protocol prior to visiting officials themselves in front of everyone’s eye was revealed that frictions occurring live.

The EU Commission argues that von der Leyen should be treated in the same way as Michel in the protocol. Many experienced diplomats and even the ex-president of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, said that in the EU protocol, the President of the EU Council comes first and the President of the EU Commission comes second.


After their meeting tonight, Michel and von der Leyen will meet with the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, and the heads of parliamentary groups tomorrow.

Many members of the parliament wanted Michel and von der Leyen to go to the European Parliament to explain the situation after the protocol incident occurred during the meeting of EU leaders with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara.

Some parliamentarians state that the protocol incident, which also led to charges of sexism, gave the appearance of separation between EU institutions.

It was reported that the two leaders will meet tomorrow with Sassoli and the leaders of the political groups in the parliament, the protocol event will be discussed and “views will be exchanged” at this meeting.

Michel and von der Leyen is also expected to address the European Parliament plenary session next week with the recent visit to Turkey joining the MPs.

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