First in the world: Spain tries to work four days a week

First in the world: Spain tries to work four days a week

In 1919 Barcelona He went on a general strike for 44 days in the city and was the first to go to an eight-hour shift Europe countryman SpainNow the project that envisages working four days a week is starting to be tested.

According to the Guardian’s news, according to the pilot project to be tested, employees are expected to work 32 hours a week in total, while the pilot project will start with around 200 companies from autumn.


In Spain, the country that took the first step on the concept of four-day work, which has been spoken louder in recent years, the proposal was brought to the agenda by the center-left Mas Pais party, which has only one representative in both wings of the Spanish parliament.

Mas Pais announced earlier this year that he accepted the government’s proposal to launch a pilot, and stated that the details of the proposal would be discussed at a meeting between government officials and the Mas Pais Party in the coming weeks.

Inigo Errejon, the leader of the Mas Pais party, announced on Twitter that the situation has started to debate, saying, “It is time for our proposal. We are starting a real discussion on the 4-day work (32 hours)”


The four-day work week is becoming more and more debatable in many countries, especially New Zealand and Germany. Supporters of the proposal claim that this will increase productivity, contribute to the mental health of employees and the fight against climate change.

Mas Pais representatives stated that working 4 days a week will also be important for epidemics, burnout and work-life balance.

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