'Firecracker' Smith is 91 and not considering retirement

‘Firecracker’ Smith is 91 and not considering retirement

91-year-old Smith, who works in a town in Arkansas, USA, fascinates everyone with his energy.

Firecracker Smith has been working in the police force in the town of Camden for more than 56 years.

Preparing to celebrate his 92nd birthday in May, Smith says he wants to work ‘to where god says okay’.

Dana Weatherby, the department’s public relations officer, described the ‘Fi┼ček’, which is known to everyone in the town. Stating that the reason he took office was that he loved the excitement of being a police officer, Weatherby noted that Smith had been in the organization since the 1960s.

Texann Shadden, the training coordinator of the department, who describes Smith as a devoted person, described it as “He would walk long distances to do his job even when his car was not working in very bad snowfalls.”

Shadden noted that Smith’s years of action and his knowledge of the town came in handy.

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