Fake Covid vaccine for 800 people in Uganda

Fake Covid vaccine for 800 people in Uganda

It has been reported that at least 800 people in the East African country of Uganda were vaccinated with fake new type of corona virus (Covid-19).

Head of the Health Monitoring Unit, Dr. Wallen Naamara, in a statement, stated that the increasing daily Covid-19 cases in the country are worrying.

“Some unscrupulous people in the country with the intention of making money tricked the public into a fake Covid-19 vaccine exercise,” Naamara said.


Stating that at least 800 people were vaccinated between May and June in the country, Naamara said that some people were given water instead of the vaccine.


Naamara stated that two nurses were detained in the investigation launched on the subject, and a doctor was on the run.


Underlining that Covid-19 vaccines are free in the country, Naamara called on the public to stay away from such paid vaccines.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health, 91 thousand 355 Covid-19 cases have been seen in the country so far, 2 thousand 483 people have died.

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