F-35 notification from USA to Ankara |  NTV

F-35 notification from USA to Ankara | NTV

Speaking to the AA correspondent, the US defense official did not give details on how the notification was carried out.

The official statement, the participants opened for signature in 2006 and to 26 in January 2007 that Turkey’s signing of a Joint defunct Mutual Agreement stated that the inclusion of Turkey and noted that the new memorandum of understanding.

The official said the 2006 memorandum was updated with 8 remaining partners and no new co-participants were added to the program.

Turkey, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program (JSF) Joint Reconciliation had joined as co-producers of the EUROCHAMBRES.

The participants of the program, as well as Turkey, USA, UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, Canada and Norway consisted of.

Turkey in the first place 100 F-35 pledged to take the plane.

In 2018 the ownership of four F-35 aircraft to Turkey given only aircraft in the United States, also attended by Turkish pilots were subjected to the training program. Later, ownership of 2 more F-35 aircraft was given.

However, because the S-400 crisis between the US and Turkey have come to be transferred to Turkey and it was decided to take these 6 aircraft for the US Air Force under their 2020 Defense Budget.

Turkey was also producing parts for the aircraft in 1005. The participation of Turkish companies in this production was also largely suspended. It turned out that the US had found new suppliers for all 1005 parts as of December 2020.

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