Extreme right-wing posts in Germany have the special police unit shut down

Extreme right-wing posts in Germany have the special police unit shut down

In the German state of Hessen, the homes and workplaces of 20 police officers, including special unit officers, were searched on suspicion of texting in far-right chat groups.

In a statement made by the Wiesbaden Public Security Office and the Frankfurt Prosecutor’s Office on Wednesday, it was alleged that the suspects shared far-right content on mobile messaging applications, which would incite the public to hatred and enmity. It was also alleged that the suspects used the signs and symbols of anti-constitutional organizations.

An investigation has been carried out since April against 20 suspects, aged between 29-54, one of whom has left the police force and 19 of whom are still working as police. 19 police officers were dismissed in terms of the authority of the investigation. It was stated that Nazi symbols were shared in groups and that immigrants were made fun of.


In the latest statement, it was reported that the special unit team in Frankfurt was disbanded. It has been reported that the people working together will not be taken to the special police unit in the city again.

Most of the messages shared by the police between the ages of 29 and 54 were written in 2016 and 2017. The last notable post in the group was made at the beginning of 2019. 17 of the 20 defendants are accused of actively spreading inflammatory content and images of a former National Socialist organization in chat groups. The other three defendants are accused of taking part in chat groups as high-level officials and not attempting to stop this action.

Frankfurt police discovered the existence of the racist chat group as a result of an investigation they conducted against a police officer suspected of having child pornography images. Racist posts were brought to light through the recordings of interviews and messages, which were examined within the scope of the investigation.

Messaging groups with far-right content attended by the police members of the Hessen police were first encountered at the end of 2018. The Frankfurt Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation in 2019 against a high-ranking police officer from Mühlheim am Main on the grounds that he took part in the far-right chat group.

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