Extinct crocodile species found in Australia

Extinct crocodile species found in Australia

The skull, discovered in 2009 in the Alcoota fossil site, about 200 kilometers from the Australian city of Alice Springs, was found to belong to an extinct crocodile species that lived about 8 million years ago, according to the BBC.

The skull was thought to belong to a known species of the Baru genus, but scientists revealed that the crocodile species with the skull had not been discovered before.


Curator of Earth Sciences at the Northern Territory Museum and Art Gallery, Dr. Adam Yates stated that the skull is by far the best example of any Baru species found to date.

Yates said that the extinct crocodile species showed anatomical differences compared to other crocodiles; He expressed that he had fewer and bigger teeth.

In addition, Yates said it took time to clean up and repair the fossil, and after nearly 2 years of study, they revealed that the skull belonged to an extinct crocodile genus.

The new species in question is expected to be named in 2022.

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