Explosion in northern Syria: 1 dead, 18 injured

Explosion in northern Syria: 1 dead, 18 injured

Terhi the region in the northeast of Jarabulus district on the border with Turkey Bab district of Hamra, the evening hours were targeted by ballistic missiles.

While there were oil refining facilities operated by primitive methods in the regions where the attacks were taking place, violent explosions occurred as a result of the burning of many tankers.

According to the first estimations, 1 civilian lost his life and 18 civilians were injured in the attack in Hamran.

In the attack in Terhin, no information has yet been received regarding the loss of life.

It has not been determined yet who fired the ballistic missiles.

The wounded were taken to the surrounding hospitals.

A large number of fire trucks were dispatched to the scene.

It is worried that the number of dead and injured will increase.

Terhin region was subjected to ballistic missile attack on 2 February, 2 civilians were killed and 6 were injured in the attack.

Bab and Jarablus districts in the north of the country are located in the region of Operation Euphrates Shield, which has been cleared of terrorism.

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