Euthanasia takes effect in Spain |  NTV

Euthanasia takes effect in Spain | NTV

Spainprepared with the initiative of the left coalition government in euthanasiaThe law proposal for the legalization of Turkey was accepted.

The euthanasia law, which has caused political debates in the country for more than 20 years, was accepted in the parliament after the senate and became legal.

Of the 350 deputies in the parliament, 202 voted “yes”, 141 “no” and 2 “abstain”, while 5 deputies did not vote.

The main opposition right-wing People’s Party and the far-right Vox party opposed the law.

In order to benefit from the euthanasia law, which will come into force after three months, you must be a Spanish citizen and be over 18 years old.

Euthanasia, which requires the approval of the Health Board, can be claimed by those who are registered with the National Health System, who are incurable, who are exposed to great physical or mental pain, and who suffer from incurable diseases.

After Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Canada, Colombia, Australia and New Zealand, Spain became the 8th country where euthanasia was legalized.


On the other hand, during the voting of the euthanasia law, opponents of euthanasia and their supporters held separate demonstrations outside the parliament building.

Anti-euthanasia groups gathered in front of the parliament building, unfurled a banner reading “The government of death”.

Gabriela, one of the demonstrators, told Anadolu Agency, “This government has no shame. It makes their deaths easier rather than investing in curing the sick.” Another demonstrator Maria said, “They offer death to those who need the most help, those who have the right to life. We defend that every life is dignified.” used the expression. The demonstrator named Raphael said, “This is a law that should be considered a crime. It legalizes the killing of people. This is not the right thing. It is against the basis of being human.” He commented.

Sofia, a Swedish citizen living in Madrid, who participated in the show of a group that supports euthanasia, said, “We have been struggling for 40 years for this law to be passed. When, how and where to want to die in severe illnesses or situations where you do not live except breathing is a right. In almost all of their countries, the majority of the people are in favor of euthanasia, but politicians do not want to raise this issue. ” he spoke.

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