EU, with Turkey, "the best relations", wants to develop

EU, with Turkey, “the best relations”, wants to develop

The European Union (EU) Foreign Affairs and Security Policy High Representative Josep Borrell, with Turkey, “the best relations said” they want to improve, reported recently in both positive and some negative developments is that Turkey and summer until they would follow.

Borrell briefed journalists after the EU Foreign Ministers Meeting and answered questions.

One of relations with Turkey meeting’s main agenda emphasizing that Borrell issues will be discussed at the EU Leaders Summit on March 25 to 26, said the EU Commission in the as it contains advice to the leaders of the reports prepared and the ministers that make additional assessments.

Borrell said they saw positive signals from Turkey in recent years, decreased tension in the eastern Mediterranean, though fragile situation and has expressed concern that the transmitter of some internal developments in Turkey.

Peoples Democratic Party (HDP) reminiscent of the closure case and the withdrawal of Turkey’s Istanbul Convention Borrell these developments, Turkey has argued that the EU path too.

“We have agreed with the ministers to support positive developments,” Borrell said.

Noting that all options are on the table, Borrell said that he will meet with Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu this evening and evaluate the report he prepared for EU leaders.


Borrell, on a question, said they thought it was both positive and negative developments related to Turkey, “We, as a candidate country Turkey, we want to establish a relationship as an important neighboring country and can best enhance relationships. At the same time the member countries and the EU’s interests arguing that we want to do this. ” he spoke.

Stating that they will discuss the Cyprus issue in his meeting with Çavuşoğlu, Borrell said:

“The next days and maybe we’ll continue to closely follow Turkey’s stance until summer. We will use some of the reference points for that. The developments related to the settlement of the Cyprus problem will be one of them. Preliminary talks between Turkey and Greece will be someone else. The situation in Libya and political in Turkey state also will follow. we will follow several indicators related to Turkey. There are far better and positive ones, have negative ones. ensure that Turkey also is in a positive mood and for many reasons the negotiations we need to execution, such as support for Syrian refugees seriously carry out whether you want we have to keep watching to be. “

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