EU: sanctions will continue until there is a political transition in Syria

EU: sanctions will continue until there is a political transition in Syria

“Until there is a political transition in Syria, sanctions will not be terminated, normalization will not occur, and reconstruction efforts will not be supported,” said Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

Borrell spoke at the session held in the European Parliament on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the civil war in Syria.

Stating that the Syrians were exposed to death, starvation, torture, barrel bombs and chemical weapons in 10 years, Borrell said, “Despite the support of Russia and Iran, Assad will not be able to win this war. The only sustainable way is a political solution.” said.

Stating that the political process carried out by the UN is blocked and the Assad regime is preventing the work of the commission formed for the new constitution, Borrell said, “Assad does not want free and fair elections. Assad wants an election that he will win.” he spoke.

Emphasizing that peace cannot be achieved by crushing the people, Borrell reminded that 500 thousand people have lost their lives in the country so far, the economy has collapsed, half of the population has been forced to flee from their homes and hundreds of thousands live in tents.

Borrell stated that 80 percent of the Syrian people live below the poverty line and said, “All this is happening in our borders, in our immediate vicinity, that is, on the other side of the Mediterranean. We should not allow Syria to be forgotten and we will not give it.”

High Representative Borrell stated that he will co-chair the Conference on the Future of Syria to be held this month and emphasized that the UN’s efforts for a political solution should be supported.

Demanding the punishment of war crimes in Syria and saying that they will continue to apply pressure until this is done, Borrell said, “Until there is a political transition, the sanctions will not be terminated, normalization will not be supported, reconstruction efforts will not be supported. This should be the message of the conference in Brussels.” said.

Borrell, EU and Syria, in particular Turkey, to the needy in countries such as Jordan and Lebanon said that should continue to help the Syrians, he said:

“These countries host millions of Syrians and deserve our assistance. In 10 years, the EU and its member states have donated € 22 billion to support Syrians and host countries. We are the biggest donor and we must continue to show our solidarity. These aids are vital. Other We also call on donors for help because we cannot do everything by ourselves. “


Borrell, speaking after the speeches of the deputies and responding to the questions and criticisms, said “It is no use to repeat how many people died, how many people became refugees, that foreign soldiers should withdraw. These do not change the facts. The EU cannot solve this problem alone.”

Emphasizing that like-minded Western countries should come together to solve the problem, Borrell said that even an international common understanding would not be enough by itself, and that pressure should be applied to ensure transition in Syria.

Underlining that the UN’s solution process should be revitalized, Borrell stated that the priority will be to increase humanitarian aid to Syrians and said, “I am afraid there is a tiredness in the international community to continue to support the future of Syrians after 10 years.”

“Do not want us to solve a problem that cannot be solved by the EU alone. Let’s start by bringing aid to those who need help first, by working for the UN to provide humanitarian access to Idlib,” Borrell spoke to lawmakers.

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