EU launches legal action against Britain for violation of Brexit agreement

The EU Commission released a statement after the UK’s decision to postpone customs inspection on products going to Northern Ireland.

In the statement, it was noted that the EU Commission sent an official notification letter to the UK for violating the goodwill obligation in the Brexit Separation Agreement and the relevant provisions of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Thus, in the statement emphasizing that the law violation process against England was initiated, it was demanded that the Northern Ireland protocol was fully complied with.

Britain must respond to the letter in 1 month. If the EU Commission does not find the UK’s answer satisfactory, it will prepare a reasoned opinion and bring the issue to the European Court of Justice.


According to the Brexit agreement between the parties, even if the UK left the EU, Northern Ireland would remain in the Customs Union with the EU.

The EU wanted customs controls to commence between the UK and Northern Ireland as of the end of March.

The British government, on the other hand, declared that it will not carry out customs inspections until October 1 in trade with Northern Ireland, especially in food and cargo shipping.

The EU then accused the UK of violating the Brexit agreement and international law.

England argued that it did not violate the protocol in question.


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