EU and US to work together to permanently reduce tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean

EU and US to work together to permanently reduce tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean

Borrell and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met in Brussels.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, Borrell stated that the Eastern Mediterranean was among the issues they discussed at the meeting.

Borrell, “our interests in a relationship of cooperation with Turkey in order to reduce the tension in the eastern Mediterranean and permanently on the basis of mutual interests (the US) will try giving hand in hand.” said.


Noting that they exchanged views on many issues, Borrell stated that they made an important decision, “We agreed to establish the US-EU Dialogue on China as a forum where we will evaluate the challenges and opportunities.” he spoke.

Borrell stated that there will be high-level contacts between the US and the EU in many areas, including human rights, security, economy and constructive negotiations with China.

Referring to the issue of Russia, Borrell said, “We have agreed to co-ordinate our efforts to counter Russia’s contrasting attitude and encourage it to leave this road.” used the expression.

Borrell said that they will work towards the return of the US to the Iran nuclear deal, support the possible US participation in the European Union Defense Initiative and advance the dialogue in this direction.

Noting that they will increase cooperation to advance the Afghanistan peace process, Borrell added that they also discussed issues such as Ethiopia and the Western Balkans.


US Secretary of State Blinken also stated that they made evaluations in a very broad framework and that the USA and the EU are the closest partners.

“We talked about our common concerns, especially about Russia’s aggression towards its neighbors, our goal to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, the urgent need to address climate change, and the challenges to the law-based order in which we all belong,” Blinken said. said.

Confirming that they agree on the establishment of a US-EU Dialogue on China, Blinken said, “When we work together against Beijing, we can take the most effective approach.” He spoke in the form.

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