Erdogan statement from Macron |  NTV

Erdogan statement from Macron | NTV

At the press conference held at the Elysee Palace, Macron stated that he and President Erdogan wanted to meet within the scope of the NATO Summit, “This is a good thing. We need to see each other.” said.

Expressing that he has deep differences of opinion with Erdogan, Macron said, “Even though there are differences of opinion, we must talk to each other and continue to talk.” used the phrase.

Macron noted that he wanted to discuss the “radical Islamism” struggle of NATO, Syria, Libya, Nagorno-Karabakh and France with President Erdogan.

Expressing that he will tell Erdogan that the fight against “radical Islamism” does not target the religion of Islam in any way, Macron said that he will also talk about the areas of cooperation that can be made with Erdogan.

Macron stated that he has always been open on issues related to the rights of people and journalists and in bilateral relations, and since he spoke openly in tete-a-tete meetings, he did this to the public as well.

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