Elton John's reaction to the Vatican: hypocrisy - magazine news

Elton John’s reaction to the Vatican: hypocrisy – magazine news

Singer Elton JohnIn his post on his Instagram account, he reacted to the two-page statement of the Catholic Church’s officials stating that gay marriages cannot be blessed, even if they do, it will not be permissible.

Elton John wrote, “How can the Vatican say that it cannot bless same-sex marriages because they are ‘sins’ and at the same time invest millions in the film Rocketman, which tells me that I found happiness in my marriage with David? Hypocrisy.”

In the 2019 report shared by John, it is stated that the Vatican spent 4.5 million dollars for the sponsorship of the movie Rocketman.


Rocketman is about Elton John, one of the most important names in the music industry and his signature on immortal pieces, as a genius from the Royal Academy of Music and climbing the superstar ladder and his collaboration with lyricist Bernie Taupin. The young actress Taron Egerton takes the lead role in the film, directed by Dexter Fletcher. The film stars Bernie Taupin as BAFTA-winner Jamie Bell, and Richard Madden as John Reid, Elton John’s lover and manager. Bryce Dallas Howard gives life to Elton John’s mother.

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