Eid visits in the TRNC will be limited to the nuclear family

Eid visits in the TRNC will be limited to the nuclear family

According to the written statement made by the Press and Public Relations Directorate of the Prime Ministry, the decisions taken by the Supreme Council of Communicable Diseases and to be implemented by the Ministry of Health were approved at the Council of Ministers meeting chaired by Prime Minister Saner via video conference.

Saner announced the decisions taken after the Council of Ministers in a written statement.

Stating that a new closure will not be required if the number of cases continues in this course, Saner explained that they have decided to limit the Eid al-Fitr visits to the nuclear family.

Saner announced that they decided to continue the curfew, except for meeting basic needs, starting from 21:00 on Monday, May 10, until 05:00 on Monday, May 17, using the authority given by the Curfew Law, and that a full closure will be made on Sunday, May 16.

Prime Minister Saner stated that they deem it appropriate to organize 6 flights on Wednesday, May 12, which is the eve of the day for 3-night indoor hotel tourism, and 4 flights on Thursday, May 13, the first day of the Ramadan Feast.

Stating that they deem it appropriate not to hold the feast place, amusement park, festival area and similar activities planned to be established due to the Ramadan Feast, Saner said that as of May 17, one-third of the capacity of the sea cruise boats and

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