Eastern Mediterranean statement from US Secretary of State Blinken

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, the European Union to solve the problems in the region and the latest developments in Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean (EU) said they followed closely the attempts in the last period, said they support these efforts.

US Secretary of State Blinken answered questions on the latest situation in the Eastern Mediterranean at the session he attended in the House of Representatives Foreign Relations Committee.

Turkey some action in the Eastern Mediterranean over the past year “worrying that” Ankara and in some cases “it in provocative acts against Greece,” claiming Blinken, the solution of problems in the region, but drew attention might be through diplomatic channels.

In recent weeks, the Blinken said that positive developments in the eastern Mediterranean, “Turkey’s more constructive way is seen stepping point in the EU and other countries of tension in the region to contact the fall. We support it and such steps will continue to help to be taken in this direction,” he said.

Blinken said, “The United States is careful about ensuring stability in the Eastern Mediterranean and protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all parties. The disputes that arise in the region can be resolved peacefully through diplomatic means, not military and provocative means.”

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