Netherlands lifts curfew after 3 months

Dutch Prime Minister Rutte apologizes to the public for early relaxation in covid-19 measures

In the video released by the Dutch public news agency NOS, Rutte said, “What we thought was possible did not materialize. We made a misjudgment on this and we are disappointed. We apologize for that.” used the phrases.

Rutte noted that he thought it was not fair that he did not mention this situation at the press conference he held last Friday regarding the tightening of the covid-19 measures due to the daily number of cases that have risen again in the country.

Rutte, together with Health Minister Hugo de Jonge, admitted that they did not prepare well enough for the press conference in question, and stated that the daily number of cases will be discussed in the parliament in the middle of the week.

In the Netherlands, the government decided to take the relaxation step planned on July 4 to June 26, after the number of cases decreased to an average of 500 per day.

In the Netherlands, where the daily number of cases rose to over 10 thousand again after the relaxation, the government had put into effect some new measures on July 10 that would remain in effect until August 13.

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