DNA betrays the mother who threw her baby into the trash after 23 years

DNA betrays the mother who threw her baby into the trash after 23 years

In Seattle, which is the capital city of the United States of America (USA), Washington, there was an incident like a movie scene.

The mystery of the baby, who was found dead in the garbage bin 23 years ago, has been solved. On 20 November 1997, the forensic experts stated that the baby was born two days ago, and his death was a murder.

The veil of secrets regarding the incident was opened 23 years later. Under investigation in 2018, but with insufficient evidence, the police found that the DNA found at the scene matched Christine Marie Warren, whose information is on a public pedigree website.


Warren, who was taken into custody, admitted that in 1997 he threw the baby he gave birth to the garbage in the bathroom of a department store. While Warren was arrested on March 12, the court decided the bail amount was approximately 75 thousand TL.

The townspeople raised donations for the baby’s funeral in 1997 and built a grave with the words “Baby Boy Doe: November 18, 1997. We care” on the tombstone at Calvary Cemetery in North Seattle.


Nearly five years after the baby was found, a special “Safe Paradise Act” was enacted in Washington, the capital city, allowing mothers to leave their newborn babies without question in hospitals, fire brigade and rural health clinics.


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