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Denmark launches Coronapas program | NTV

Crownpas Denmark, which started its program yesterday, became the first country in Europe to use a corona virus (covid-19) passport. Authorities stated that the application has started to open non-essential businesses and that, according to the vaccination data, it will gradually cover other businesses.

For people to get Coronapas; 2 doses Vaccinehave had corona virus 12 weeks ago or in the last 72 hours corona virus It was stated that the test should have been negative.

Denmark In the statement prepared by the government regarding the program, “Corona passport shows the document whether a citizen has been vaccinated, has been infected before (immunity) or has been tested negatively in the last 72 hours,” he said.

The program can be used both as an application on mobile devices and as a document. At the end of May, the Coronapas app will bring together various information on vaccination, test status and immunity in one comprehensive solution.


It was stated that certain businesses, including hairdressers, beauty salons and driving schools, will be logged in with Coronapas, and the implementation will gradually cover other businesses such as restaurants in May.

The Ministry of Justice, on the other hand, pays 400 to 6 thousand euros for business owners who do not have Coronapas to their businesses. fine announced that it will be implemented. The decision to open with Coronapas in businesses will be expanded to include restaurants, museums, theaters and cinemas in May according to the vaccination rate of the population.

The Coronapas program will remain in effect until the end of the summer and traveli will not cover it for now.

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