WHO to designate Covid variants in Greek letters

Delta variant spreads to another country

It has been reported that the Delta variant of the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) emerging in India was detected in a person in Mexico.

Authorities announced that the Delta variant was seen in a 65-year-old male patient at a hospital in the state of Morelos in the south of the country.

Expressing that the patient was quarantined at home, the authorities also noted that 6 more people whose tests were positive were kept under observation on suspicion of delta variant.

Cecilia Guzmon Rodriguez, Deputy Director of Morelos Health Services Public Health (SSM), stated that the risk of transmission of the Delta variant is 2 times faster and asked the citizens to be careful.

There is concern that the Delta variant, first seen in India and described as “worrying” by the World Health Organization, may soon become the dominant type worldwide due to its high contagion.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, 2 million 604 thousand 711 cases have been recorded in the country, 235 thousand 277 people who were infected with the virus died.


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